Every Valentine’s Day, Americans usually spend around 2.7 billion – a fun fact indeed. With one of the most-awaited days of the year comes considerable expenses. While celebrating the day with your special someone, it is essential to have a good relationship with your money. Love may not be cheap, but you can spend it lavishly with careful planning.

Let’s have a look at how financial wellness can turn your Valentine’s Day simply perfect:

Know Your Expectations

It all starts with self-care. If you want the finances to be in the proper place, it is vital to be clear on one’s dreams and values. Overwhelming yourself by going way beyond your affordability can only worsen the situation. An annual financial plan will not only save you the trouble of expenses but your loved ones too. And when a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day finally arrives, you can give them a fantastic experience (for example, a candlelight dinner) and let them know how much you love them.

Do Budgeting

Budgeting can significantly assist in dividing the money properly for Valentine’s Day. Without having a specific goal, we often end up overspending or buying the wrong items. Similar to the way you do monthly budgeting, you can use a budget builder tool to do so. A day that arrives only once a year, proper planning can make everything go smooth and turn it extra special.

Be Creative

Valentine’s Day is not all about buying the most expensive item. Instead, you can go creative by doing the simplest of things. With financial planning softwareyou can allocate money for everything you are going to do all year or for that one special day. Dividing budget will help you perform every task or even set a grand party within means. Apart from preparing a special dinner, you can spend the day watching your favorite shows or movies. You can make it memorable with the simplest yet sweetest of things. A simple love letter can also make a vast difference.

There are some exciting things that you can do without spending too much money, such as:

Personalized Playlist: You can create a list of songs that you both like and take you back to the memories of your first meeting—dance along without worrying about paying anything at all.

Indoor Dining: Not everyone loves to go out. Sometimes you need the entire day with your partner someplace quiet and peaceful. And what is better than your own home. You can also do a cozy set up on the rooftop if you have any. Enjoy a delicious meal in the pleasant breeze—nothing but a tremendous evening indeed.

Gift A Bouquet: If your partner is a fan of flowers, a bouquet will do just the trick. Some love receiving flowers instead of the usual outing and dinner date. You can customize it as per your partner’s choice. Tie it with a pretty ribbon and even add a balloon with a delectable cake—an excellent and expensive-looking gift for the one you love.


Valentine’s Day is extraordinary, and you wouldn’t want to ruin it due to financial concerns. The way is to use any smart money tracker all year round. And when the time comes, you will be able to arrange a special and memorable surprise for your partner.

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