The Only Personal Finance Tracking Software

That Gets Your Finances Together

As a free online personal finance software and web app, My EasyFi allows you to organize your money like never before. With an intuitive interface and an aesthetic design, this expense tracking software lets you control your money in-and-out

  • Create a seamless monthly budget

  • Keep track of all of your expenses

  • Get notified of due-date bill payment

  • Fast-forward the debt countdown

  • Build your savings for future

  • Earn through an easy affiliate program

  • And much more!

We Bring Your Money Together

Life feels good when you have control over your finances. About one-third of American households maintain their budgets, including their savings and investment goals.

Here, My EasyFi is your ultimate personal expense tracking software that puts a halt on all your money hassles. We help you manage your money conveniently – anywhere and anytime.

Lead Your Expenses The Way You Want

With our personal money management software, we let you understand the language of expenses. Just add your income and expenses and monitor all of them from your dashboard.

You can also update your expenses as you go; this expense tracking app will display the current money details instantly.

We Care About Your Money

Our expense tracker is a one-way platform that helps you understand your money better.

Cruise along My EasyFi features and discover what's been missing all along. We care about you; we care about your money.


See Where Our Expense Tracking App Takes You

Because Your Finances Matters

  • Track your transactions at a glance
  • Break down your spending by category
  • Create budgets with useful suggestions

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Track Your


Add your income and create a monthly budget using a customizable template that works best for you.

Track Your


Keep track of your spending throughout the month by creating a transaction each time you spend money.


Your Debt

Say adios to debt. Stop feeling overwhelmed and get a clear plan for your debt payoff process.


through Affiliate Marketing

Optimize your budget and gain financial literacy with My EasyFi Affiliate Marketing Program. Live the future of your dreams.


People Say

Such a fantastic expense tracking app for iOS and web! I downloaded it some time ago, and since then, I’m living by it. I can now create monthly budgets effortlessly and actually stick to them. Plus, it is incredibly user-friendly. Undoubtedly, the best budgeting and finance management tool I have ever used. Truly a life changer!
Vanessa Smith
Love this app so much! For one thing, this app syncs seamlessly to my bank for free. It takes time to set up your monthly budget, but it’s going to help you save in the long-term. The best thing is that this free personal expense tracking software has helped me track every dime accurately. That said, I’ve found this app quite convenient to use without the hassle of repeatedly telling me to login in or enter my details. Highly recommended.
Conrad Alton