Join My EasyFi Referral Partner Program And Earn Hassle-Free

It’s always a good idea to earn something on the side when you’re struggling with your finances. My EasyFi gives you a chance to earn a massive commission through our referral partner program. It’s just as good as making free money. We help you track your money, set your budget, strengthen your fiscal goals, and earn referral pay seamlessly with us!

What Does My EasyFi Affiliate Program Hold For You?

When you join My EasyFi referral partner program, you are creating awareness about the app’s features. Its financial services are designed to help you create budget plans, gain insights into your financial health, achieve financial freedom by paying debt fast.

Your budget is important. Managing it is critical. As your very own financial app, we make sure you make the most out of it. You can earn referral pay, which is 50% for each paying member you refer to. If you’re new to the process, we’d love to train you through our step-by-step instructions. Want to know the best bit? You can access My EasyFi affiliate program for free*!

We give you all the space you need to join the My EasyFi affiliate program. If you’re looking for an opportunity to earn extra cash on the side without having to do much, work with us at your own pace. You only earn referral pay via risk-free, secure, and authentic means.

Earn A Handsome Commission

Join and get 50% commission for every paying referral

Our All-Time Support

Gain access to our professional support

Program Flexibility

Become a basic or paid member. It’s your choice

Something For Everyone

My EasyFi makes easy money possible for everyone

How To Use Our Referral Partner Program?

My EasyFi affiliate program mainly contains two categories: basic and paid affiliate programs. As much as you want to manage your money and fast forward your financial journey, we equally want to let you earn as you like.

1. Register

My EasyFi is easy to get started with. Sign up and get access to your personal dashboard. Access your wallet and other added features (in case of paid membership).

2. Choose Your Program

Choose the referral partner program that works best for you. If you choose the free package, you’ll get a 50% commission for one month (for every paid member) and a demo account. In case of paid membership ($100), you get 50% commission for one year plus access to all the financial features.

3. Promote My EasyFi

Once you get along with our program and are satisfied with it, you can now earn referral pay by promoting the app on your social media.

4. Start Earning

Start earning from the moment you refer to another paid member. Absolutely no limits on how much you receive for the paid members you bring!

5. Check Your Wallet

Want to see how much money you’ve made so far? Check out the wallet feature to see if your commission has been transferred.

Joining Our Affiliate program is quite simple.
  • 1
    Signup to My EasyFi Affiliate Program
  • 2
    Select your desired membership plan (Free/Paid)
  • 3
    Get your affiliate code from us
  • 4
    Get paid 50% for every paid referral
  • 5
    Publish it online on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)