Differentiate Your Money Plan With The Best Financial Planning Software

When you plan your future, you bring your ideas into existence. You set goals and work toward them. But what if the plans aren’t enough to stabilize your future? What if your retirement plans don’t turn out as you expected? To seed your plans accurately, you need the best financial planning software to keep track of all your past, current, and future expenses. My EasyFi rolls out the ultimate financial planning tools to make sure you’re securing your finances the right way.

How The Best Financial Planning Software Helps You?

We believe we’ve got what you’re looking for. Our monthly financial planner runs a smart approach to help you secure funds in a consistently practical manner. It collects and analyzes your data from 6 months and lets you plan your future savings, expenses, debt payment, and retirement, so you get the most out of your monthly financial planner.

My EasyFi’s financial planning tools are specifically designed to curb your current expenses, so you plan to save more for the future. Worry no more, because the best financial planning software has got your future covered with the most precise calculations.

What more does it offer? Since you set goals for your future, you probably need to keep a track, which our intuitive monthly financial planner does best. With every goal you create with us, we push you closer to paying debt fast, saving more, and even retiring early. It’s just an all-in-one solution!

Easy To Use Interface

Enter your data with great flexibility and ease

Right Tools At The Right Place

Use the savvy tools to drive your plans

Accurate Prediction

We gather data to predict how your plans will turn out

Robust Plans For Future

Create smart plans without losing sight of your goals

How To Use The Monthly Financial Planner?

You control your future. Period. My EasyFi helps you maximize the scope of your future plans – whether that be saving up for a new house, paying the student loan, or even retiring in just a few years. Figure out why we call it the best financial planning software.

1. Simple To Use And Easy To Understand

MY EasyFi uses a neat and clean interface to track your money. Using your 6-month data, the app lets you know how much you’ve spent on saving, paying debt, and planning for retirement. Scroll through the planner, and you’ll never find anything else easier to use.

2. See How Financially Fit You Are

We care about your financial fitness, which is why My EasyFi gives you a clear record on how much you’ve spent and contributed toward your financial fitness. It’s better and easier to see how close you are to your goals when you’ve got your money together.

3. Set Your Goals

Want to save for college? Or want to pay off the card loans? Find ‘My Goal Setting’ category among other financial planning tools here. Here, you can separate categories of expenses and set targets you want to achieve.

4. Check Your Savings & Debt

You have the authority to keep your finances in control. You can see if you’re reaching your savings or debt payment goals. The financial thermometer will show you exactly how you’ve been doing so far.

5. Calculate Your Retirement Income Target

Of all the nifty financial planning tools we offer, the retirement income target calculator gives you accurate results. No matter at what age you want to retire, you will get a real answer to your future questions.