Smart Money Tracker To Drag Your Out Of The Financial Quagmire

There’s one thing a budget puts a rein on – your money. Without the former, the latter can become a victim of overspending and abuse. Is your money spiraling out of your control? It’s time to give a shot to someone or something that can show you the best way of handling finances. My EasyFi introduces its smart money tracker feature to keep a complete check on your spending, saving, and debt repayment habits.

What is My EasyFi Smart Money Tracker?

Need to stay updated on your budget? Want to change your current and future financial situation? Try our new money savings tracker that also keeps you ahead of your money game. Create your financial timeline with this innovative money goal tracker and see where your money trend is leading you.

Get a 360° view of your finances with the best of both worlds. It is a multi-purpose feature that serves as an all-rounder money savings tracker where your budget gets all the attention it deserves. From developing your savings to creating goals and keeping them intact, our intelligent money goal tracker lets you create multiple scenarios within one budget.

Get a closer look at your budget and spending activities to see how your current actions affect your future. The smart money tracker never tires of recording your day-to-day money-related actions and sets goals so you can attain financial freedom at its best.

Personalized Experience

Explore the money management portal with our customized approach.

Helpful Insights

View the changes today to build a secure future tomorrow.

Access From Anywhere

Whether you use mobile or app, check your finances anywhere you want.

Streamline Your Future Finances

Set priorities and create goals that help you create a future you dreamed of.

How To Use it?

When you start using this money savings tracker, we make sure that it keeps security intact and keeps your financial health in good condition, of course! Connect your bank accounts, let them sync, and have a money goal tracker as your loyal companion throughout your financial well-being journey.

Identify your budget, savings, planning goals with our all-in-one smart money tracker and grow your finances to an admirable degree.

Our smart money tacker offers the features any finance avid might find hard to resist. From giving you an overview of your past finances to detailing your current situation, our money tracker never leaves you alone.

1. Money Summary

Wondering how much you’ve spent this month or what’s your current debt status for the month? Our money savings tracker keeps everything in check. The money summary divides your finances into your monthly income, spending, debt, and saving. Get the overview of how your money is doing with the smart money tracker at your disposal.

Want to see how far you’ve gotten? Scroll down the visuals and charts to view your progress. This money goal tracker gives you the deepest view of your finances no other financial app has provided you!

2. Income Check-Up

Sync your bank details and let the money savings tracker do its job. Have a secondary earning source? Keep in check the added income for the current month as well as for the year. Let yourself see how potential your money tactics are with our savvy app.

3. Spending Check-Up

This money tracker app designates 30% of your expenses in the Personal Priorities category. Track how much you’ve been spending in a month as well as in a year to identify your weaknesses and strengths.

4. Current Month Expenses

We use graphs to help you understand your financial trail so far. With all the three main categories in one place, see how much difference your money has made. Keep a record with all the spending and savings in one platform.

5. Success Trackers

Let your current money expenses be the indicators of your success. Your personal money goal tracker is here to align your goals with your success. Keep a check on how your categories are doing and where you need to improve. Let My EasyFi contribute to your future success from now on.